Manufacturing of highly resistant ingot molds,
made from first heat pig iron


Finished machined parts of any complexity according to customer’s drawings


Mechanical engineering and
metallurgical equipment production


We produce forgings using all types of steel according to the client's drawing and standard sizes.

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Ingot molds

Molds, slag bowls, tires, parts "to the drawing" with machining.

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Forging ingots

Manufacturing of forging ingots weight 3.5, 5, 7, 10, 15 t.

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We produce castings of any form and size according to client’s drafts and drawings.

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TRADE PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION HAMMER is specialized in metal products engineering and manufacture, including ingots, steel-pouring equipment, cast billets, forgings, machined finished products, as well as assembly of aggregates and units.

. Our customers are leading Russian companies that work in different industrial areas, such as metallurgy, electric power, mining, oil and gas production, nuclear power, shipbuilding enterprises, railways.



    You can count on any amount of products


    Compliance with all of the rules


    Reliable connection with manufacturers


    One manager one order

  • COST

    Managers immediately tell you the price


    Long-term relationships


  • Engineering

    Engineering is one of the primary activities of TPA “Hammer”. At the same time we offer our clients development of molds, drafts and draws considering advanced technologies. The work begins with the professional forming of the main idea and ends with the product entering to the market. Customer is provided with full support of project implementation, which could be of any...

  • Machining

    Our company has capacities allowing to produce parts of any complexity level. Turning, milling, rotary, planing, gear cutting, chiseling, grinding machines make it possible to produce a variety of size, shape and accuracy parts. Maximum weight of work pieces is 70 tons.

  • Heat treating

    We offer our clients heat treatment of steel through annealing, quenching, tempering, normalizing. ANNEALING Annealing is a metal heat treatment. It involves heating a material and then slow cooling. This heat treatment (annealing) can be of different types (the type of annealing depends on heating temperature and speed of metal cooling)....

  • Forgings production

    Our company produces forgings, which are used to manufacture different billets and parts, which then are used in diverse industries, such as mechanical engineering, energy, mining and so on.

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