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We are able to produce various steel grade and configuration forgings. We manufacture forgings using various steel grades (following grades are represented according to European Union standards) : C22E, C35, C45, 17Cr3, 41Cr4, 66Mn4, 40NiCr6, 55NiCrMoV7, 60WCrV8, 20MnCr5G, 14NiCr10, 20NC11, 21CrMoV5-7, 34CrNiMo6, 38CrNi3MoN, 19CrNi8 etc. Forgings are accompanied by a certificate. At the request of the customer it is possible to analyze mechanical properties, make ultrasonic test as well as other additional tests. We manufacture forgings for nuclear...

Ingot molds

1.1.Perforating molds The weight of the ingot is from 7920 kg to 19000 kg (we have the equipment). 1.2. Not perforating molds for plug, to pour steel from above. The weight of the ingot is from 6190 kg to 11700 kg (we have the equipment). 1.3.Not perforating molds, to pour steel with the use of siphon. The weight of the ingot is from 3400 kg to 10090 kg (we have the equipment). 1.4. Molds for forged ingots. The weight of the ingot is from 2600 kg to 10000 kg (we have the equipment) 1.5. Slag pots Pig iron TS 3134-192-05757676-97, TS...

Forging ingots

Manufacturing of forging ingots that could be octahedral as well as rectangular, weight 3.5, 5, 7, 10, 15 t. Ingots are used to produce large heavy forgings and forged with hydraulic and steam hydraulic presses. Medium and small forgings are made from crimped, rolled and pressed billets or small ingots with forging hammers. In order to produce ingots we have a large variety of molds in a wide range of sizes. In the production process insulating pads, exothermic and slag-forming mixtures from Germany are used to increase prime yield and to improve...

Steel and iron castings

Iron casting СЧ15, СЧ20, ВЧ40-50 according to client’s drafts and drawings, weight from 5kg to 50t. Steel casting is up to 120t. Models manufacturing Production of models in a period of 10-30 days, depending on complexity Molding type - manual, the use of SCM and CHM technologies: - casting technology "in the ground" (there are other names for it, such as casting to sand and clay mixture - SCM , sand casting) - it is the most traditional, mass (up to 80% of all castings) and fiscal foundry technology, but at the same time it has...

Steel structures

Assembly shop: highly qualified mechanics - assemblers, welders. Welders are certified to weld critical metal in a wide range of welding processes and materials. Welding ESAB (a mixture of argon and carbon dioxide with the use of modern welding materials and techniques)..


We produce open and closed die stampings, design stamping tooling of any complexity.