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Forging ingots

Слитки кузнечные

Manufacturing of forging ingots that could be octahedral as well as rectangular, weight 3.5, 5, 7, 10, 15 t. Ingots are used to produce large heavy forgings and forged with hydraulic and steam hydraulic presses. Medium and small forgings are made from crimped, rolled and pressed billets or small ingots with forging hammers.

In order to produce ingots we have a large variety of molds in a wide range of sizes. In the production process insulating pads, exothermic and slag-forming mixtures from Germany are used to increase prime yield and to improve the quality of ingots as well.

Material of ingots:

  • Carbon Steel 20, 35, 45;
  • Chromium steel 20Cr4, 34Cr4, 37Cr4, 50CrMo4;
  • low-alloy steel 14331;
  • CrMn steel 20MnCr5G;
  • CrMnMo steel;
  • CrMnNi steel;
  • CrMo steel 13CrMo4-5;
  • CrNi steel 40NiCr6;
  • CrNiMo steel 40NiCrMo6, 16540, 34NiCrMoV14-5.

Monthly volume of smelted ingots is up to 1.5 t.