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Steel and iron castings

Iron casting СЧ15, СЧ20, ВЧ40-50 according to client’s drafts and drawings, weight from 5kg to 50t. Steel casting is up to 120t.

Models manufacturing

Production of models in a period of 10-30 days, depending on complexity

Molding type - manual, the use of SCM and CHM technologies:

- casting technology "in the ground" (there are other names for it, such as casting to sand and clay mixture - SCM, sand casting) - it is the most traditional, mass (up to 80% of all castings) and fiscal foundry technology, but at the same time it has the greatest tolerance for dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of castings.

- cold-hardening mixture (CHM) is the use of organic and inorganic binders, which strengthen the molds, chemically bind the sand. This type of molding takes its name from the fact that it does not require drying as other types of molding sand. Casting into the CHM is more accurate than casting into the ground. Dimensions CHM forms are less than while molding sand mixtures, but more expensive. Thus, the CHM is used less frequently, but in those cases when a better casting needed. Our company is ready to supply you castings for CHM./p>