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Heat treating

We offer our clients heat treatment of steel through annealing, quenching, tempering, normalizing.

Annealing is a metal heat treatment. It involves heating a material and then slow cooling. This heat treatment (annealing) can be of different types (the type of annealing depends on heating temperature and speed of metal cooling).
Quenching is a heat treatment of steel, alloy. It involves steel (alloy) recrystallization by heating to a temperature above critical. After sufficient exposure at the critical temperature to complete the heat treatment rapid cooling should be done. Hardened steel (alloy) has a non-equilibrium structure, so can be applied another type of heat treatment - tempering.
Tempering is a heat treatment of steel, alloy. It takes place after the quenching to reduce or release residual stress in steel and alloys, increasing viscosity and reducing hardness and brittleness of metal.
Normalizing is a heat treatment, which is similar to annealing. Differences between these heat treatment types (normalizing and annealing) are while normalizing steel is cooled in the air (while annealing – in furnace).